News: Smartphone brand InFocus plans to hire 5000 employees in India


Smartphone brand InFocus plans to hire 5000 employees in India

With an aim to increase penetration in Indias tier 2 and tier 3 towns, US based smartphone brand InFocus is planning to hire 5000 employees next year.
Smartphone brand InFocus plans to hire 5000 employees in India

InFocus, a Foxconn handset brand has shared its plan to hire 5000 employees in 2018 as part of "InFocus 2.0" strategy. The strategy is aimed at increasing penetration in the country's tier 2 and tier 3 towns. 

InFocus started in India with a commitment and vision to enrich the lives of all Indians by expanding the technological horizon through inspired innovation and now it plans to contribute by creating more jobs. 

As the company’s current focus is on expanding its operations and covering more cities and towns, it will be hiring for the sales and marketing team. It will also hire brand promoters that will be deployed across retail outlets in India, as per news

Currently, InFocus handsets are being made through third-party vendors in India. Piyush Puri, vice president of sales and marketing said in media that manufacturing of InFocus handsets through Foxconn will start later next year. This implies that the brand will also hire people to support its handset manufacturing with Foxconn

Back in 2015 InFocus launched its first mobile handset exclusively on Snapdeal and was able to sell 1 lakh units of its models. Since then it has come a long way and now claims to have a share of around 2% in a market where it competes with brands like Samsung and Xiaomi. 

In June, this year, InFocus shared its plan of investing $10 million (about Rs. 65 crores) to get a foothold in India with a focus on Rs. 10,000-price segment. The company was also said to be working with Reliance Jio on the kind of plans that can be offered or bundled with the device such as voice, data, and apps. 

This year even Xiaomi shared its hiring sentiment and said it expects to create 20,000 jobs in three years.

The Indian smartphone market has rapidly been growing and in October, this year, it superseded the US and became the world’s second-largest market, after China. 

As this market continues to grow and expand the creation of job opportunities can be expected. A study revealed that in the January-March 2017 quarter, about 80% of 59 million phones sold in the country were locally manufactured. This domestic manufacturing generated employment for about 40,000 people. 

By 2020 this industry is expected to contribute around 8.2% to India’s GDP, adding another 8,00,000 jobs. 

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