News: Startups to hire IItians, despite the ban


Startups to hire IItians, despite the ban

Unfazed by a year-long-ban several startups still resolute to hire IItians across country
Startups to hire IItians, despite the ban

Despite a year-long-ban imposed on 30 startups from participating in the placement process in Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), it has not dissuaded them from hiring more IITians this year. They are still executing hiring plans and scouting talent from the reputed Institute. 

Jasminder Singh Gulati, chief executive of NowFloats, said, that it will not deter them from recruiting top talent from the IITs. Further, she added that Startups like theirs need skilled engineering talent to survive in the competition and even IIT students want to work with startups like theirs.

All IIT Placement Committee (AIPC) had blacklisted many companies to take part in the campus hiring process because many startups including Flipkart delayed the joining process and even rescinded their offer letters. As per them they are just protecting welfare of students. 

As told to press, some of the startups (barred) have even requested AIPC asking them for just one day slot during the placement process. Even students at IITs too are directly approaching to some of the startups for jobs not bothered by the ban imposed on them. 

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