News: unveils new career platform for India healthcare workers looking to move abroad

Recruitment unveils new career platform for India healthcare workers looking to move abroad provides job opportunities for aspiring Indian healthcare professionals in various international destinations in the post-pandemic world. unveils new career platform for India healthcare workers looking to  move abroad

Dubai-headquartered, the online career hub for healthcare professionals, unveiled their latest addition to the blockchain-powered career platform for healthcare workers called Jobs in India.

The platform is aimed at helping Indian healthcare professionals find job opportunities abroad. Jobs provides aspirants a one-stop platform that meets all their requirements, from verification to licensing services and training. The platform also offers comprehensive career resources like a free digital CV and access to recruiters worldwide.   

Some of the top international markets that have huge potential for Indian healthcare professionals are the United Kingdom, Ireland, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

With the ongoing pandemic, the need for healthcare professionals has grown multifold and medical recruiters, employers, hospitals and clinics have amplified their hiring efforts on a global scale. has partnered with healthcare industry leaders to fulfill the rising requirement for skilled talent in the face of the global pandemic. The company has been leading the effort to augment healthcare organisations by providing them access to a global pool of talent and streamlining recruitment processes.

 “Qualified healthcare professionals are the need of the hour as the world is witnessing the third wave of COVID-19 and more variants are expected to emerge. We are seeing an increase in the demand for healthcare professionals worldwide. For the ambitious Indian healthcare professionals who are currently seeking new opportunities, we have simplified the complex process for them to apply to the international job market. The platform provides them with access to recruiters and leading organisations worldwide, helping them to progress in their careers in their chosen speciality while working in the highly demanding and rewarding healthcare industry,” said Alejandra Coca, CEO, and its recruiting partners offer end-to-end recruitment services to ensure a smooth hiring experience for applicants. The recruiting assistance starts from the submission of the application as candidates are guided through a detailed process where they have to submit the correct documents, credentials, and regulatory requirements. 

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