News: Workforce Singapore starts on-the-go recruitment services


Workforce Singapore starts on-the-go recruitment services

A mobile bus called Careers Connect On-the-Go will offer one-to-one career matching and coaching services under Wokforce Singapore's (WSG's) latest initiative.
Workforce Singapore starts on-the-go recruitment services

A statutory board under the Ministry of Manpower of the Singapore Government, Workforce Singapore, formerly known as Singapore Workforce Development Agency or WSG on 14th July 2018 introduced a mobile bus named Careers Connect On-the-Go for job seeking Singaporeans. 

The bus will travel to more than 12 locations, mostly community clubs by the end of the year to offer mobile career matching services through personalized career coaching by certified career coaches. The bus will stay for between two days to a week at each location. Jobseekers who need to plan for their career or acquire career management skills can attend workshops on the bus. They will receive information on industries and have access to Adapt and Grow programs and available job opportunities. They can also attend career preparation workshops to brush up their job search skills.

Singapore’s Manpower Minister Josephine Teo shared that this initiative is part of the WSG's efforts to bring the career coaches into the community and the heartlands. She said, “We think this will help more jobseekers land the next job more quickly and efficiently."

Last year with their Adapt and Grow initiative, WSG was able to place 25,000 locals into jobs last year. 

Now with Careers Connect On-the-Go, Workforce Singapore looks to further innovate its strategies and cater to more and more job seekers. 

WSG has also has collaborated with FastJobs for Careers Connect On-the-Go to provide job-matching services that can link jobseekers up with employment opportunities in their neighborhoods.

Image Credit: Singapore Ministry of Manpower

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