News: ZS keen on hiring 4,000+ in 2022


ZS keen on hiring 4,000+ in 2022

ZS is keen on hiring 4,000+ in 2022 across key areas that are expediting the firm's business growth.
ZS keen on hiring 4,000+ in 2022

Global professional services firm ZS has announced its annual hiring projection within three quarters, rolling out almost 40% of the offers for tech roles that require proficiency in skills like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, big data, Python, cloud technologies and data science, among others. 

The firm originally projected to hire approximately 3,000 employees in 2021, but it has surpassed that figure, with 3,500 new joiners who would have joined us by the end of the year. The projection for next year is to add 4,000 more ZSers across the three ZS offices in India.

Despite a worldwide slowdown in hiring in 2020, ZS was able to maintain the hiring momentum that it had set early this year. Given the remote working model, the firm faced initial recruiting challenges, including the need to meet with applicants virtually, a pause on visits to its state-of-the-art facilities across all three offices in India and temporary delays of in-person networking sessions to give a glimpse of life at ZS. 

“ZS is experiencing growth across all its core business areas, necessitating a greater demand for talent with a diverse set of skills. Our teams in India play a pivotal role in helping the firm remain ahead of the curve as we focus on growing tech capabilities that will drive innovation for our global offerings,” said Mohit Sood, Regional Managing Principal and Head, India, ZS. “We are striving to capitalize on technology advancements to create and sustain value for our clients. To support this, we are looking for people with strong technical capabilities, in addition to strategic problem-solving skills, excellent collaboration and strategic implementation to join our growing team. In the coming quarters, we intend to lead the way by using transformational approaches to develop, engage and retain diverse talent.”

Additionally, ZS increased investment in new talent, which accounted for 45% of all recruits, bringing in different perspectives and new ways of working. This year, Campus Beats—ZS’s campus engagement program—saw participation from 100+ tier 1 and tier 2 engineering colleges, tapping into a large talent pool. So far, ZS has hired more than 1,200 graduates from campuses for various technical and non-technical roles, and has extended offers to another 1,500 who will join in 2022.

Esha Gulati, HR lead, Asia, ZS says, “With the accelerated pace of digital adoption, we are looking at strengthening capabilities in emerging tech roles including the cloud, AI and big data, and intensifying our hiring efforts in the coming year to meet our goal of getting 4,000 new recruits. The challenges of remote work have taught us that weaving together human touch points with the benefits of innovative technology is imperative to reimagining how we work and how we see our workplaces. At ZS, we believe in building high-performing teams, coaching and mentoring our people, creating an equitable career path and providing progression opportunities to everyone. We are excited to welcome new talent joining ZS in the coming months and years.”

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