News: IBM puts hiring on hold, introduces AI to replace 7,800 jobs

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IBM puts hiring on hold, introduces AI to replace 7,800 jobs

IBM's CEO Arvind Krishna has disclosed that the company's hiring pause would primarily impact back-office functions such as human resources and administration.
IBM puts hiring on hold, introduces AI to replace 7,800 jobs

IBM intends to halt the recruitment process for specific roles and anticipates that approximately 7,800 positions could be substituted by artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Back-office hiring, particularly in human resources, will be halted or reduced according to CEO Arvind Krishna. IBM foresees that AI and automation could replace 30% of non-customer-facing positions within five years.

Amidst the buzz surrounding OpenAI's ChatGPT, a chatbot powered by AI and backed by Microsoft, which was launched in November, IBM has announced its plans to pause hiring and replace thousands of jobs with AI. The success of the chatbot has drawn global attention to the potential of AI to revolutionize different sectors, including software development.

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, has acknowledged that while AI has the potential to significantly transform society, it also poses real risks. Altman further states that AI chatbots could displace many current jobs, but he also sees AI as a technology that has the potential to be "the greatest technology humanity has yet developed" and enhance our lives.

According to experts in the industry, AI has made significant progress in automating tasks and improving the efficiency of software development. As AI technology advances, it is expected that more and more development tasks will be handled by AI systems, leading to further transformation of the industry.

Although there is a debate on the effect of AI on the job market, the implementation of AI in various industries may create new job prospects and redefine the workforce. Industry experts suggest that businesses will need to adjust and allocate resources for training and upskilling programs to equip their employees for the shift brought about by AI-based technologies in the workplace.

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