News: Meta set to cut jobs in partnerships and marketing divisions in latest round of layoffs

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Meta set to cut jobs in partnerships and marketing divisions in latest round of layoffs

The number of employees in the partnerships division could potentially be reduced by at least 50% or even more. The upcoming round of layoffs scheduled for this week is anticipated to impact over 5,000 workers at Meta.
Meta set to cut jobs in partnerships and marketing divisions in latest round of layoffs

Meta is anticipated to undergo a significant wave of layoffs this week, primarily impacting employees within the partnerships and marketing divisions, according to a report from the International Business Times. In a previous statement, CEO Mark Zuckerberg indicated that the business teams at the Menlo Park-based company would be affected in a round of layoffs scheduled for late May.

Insider sources revealed that in the upcoming round of layoffs, the partnerships unit is likely to bear the brunt more heavily compared to other divisions. The workforce within the partnerships department could potentially be reduced by at least 50% or even more.

Nick Grudin, Meta's vice president of partnerships, is taking charge of the restructuring efforts within the division. Additionally, according to the same sources, the marketing department is also anticipated to be significantly impacted by the layoffs, which were initially reported to commence on Wednesday.

In response to the report, a spokesperson for Meta chose not to provide any comments. However, an internal memo obtained by The Washington Post, attributed to Lori Goler, Meta's chief of human resources, confirmed that the layoffs were indeed scheduled for Wednesday.

The Washington Post interviewed a group of at least six current and former Meta employees who have experience working in the trust and safety units. According to their insights, the widespread reduction in headcount within the affected divisions could potentially hinder Meta's endeavours in combatting political misinformation, addressing foreign campaigns, and navigating regulatory constraints.

The workers, speaking to the outlet, expressed concerns that the upcoming layoffs could potentially increase the risk associated with Meta's platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook

These concerns arise at a time when geopolitical issues are on the rise. Following a recent round of layoffs that primarily targeted technology teams, during which 4,000 jobs were eliminated, this week's layoffs are expected to impact over 5,000 workers at the social media giant.

According to sources cited by Vox, the second wave of layoffs impacted various departments within Meta, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Reality Labs. In response to the news, workers in North America were reportedly encouraged to work from home, if feasible, to allow affected employees the necessary space to process the information. 

During a recent Q&A session, Nick Clegg, Meta's president of global affairs, allegedly informed employees that the forthcoming third round of layoffs would impact "everybody in the biz teams, including my orgs" Vox obtained a recording of the meeting containing Clegg's remarks.

"It's just a time of great anxiety and uncertainty. ... I wish I could have some easy way or providing solace or comfort. It is uncertain," he said.

During mid-March, CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Meta had plans to downsize its workforce by approximately 10,000 individuals. He specified that the restructuring process would first impact the technology groups in late April, followed by the business groups in late May. 

Additionally, Zuckerberg mentioned that around 5,000 unfilled positions within the company would be closed. Once the extensive restructuring is completed, Meta intends to lift the hiring and transfer freezes that were implemented across each group.

"We will support people in the same ways we have before and treat everyone with the gratitude they deserve," the tech titan said about the affected employees.

In November, Meta experienced its initial round of significant layoffs, resulting in the elimination of over 11,000 positions. The upcoming layoffs this week are anticipated to contribute to a cumulative total of tech job losses in excess of 200,000 for the year. 

As per data from the layoffs tracker, as of Tuesday, a total of 699 tech companies have collectively eliminated 198,985 jobs since the beginning of 2023.

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