News: Tesla Power India plans to hire over 2,000 employees

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Tesla Power India plans to hire over 2,000 employees

With plans to expand its presence in the market, Tesla Power will hire and train talent across engineering, operations, sales, marketing, and support functions.
Tesla Power India plans to hire over 2,000 employees

Tesla Power India has announced plans to recruit more than 2,000 workers for its newly launched refurbished battery brand, ReStore.

As part of its market expansion strategy, the company aims to establish over 5,000 stores within the next two years and will hire for various job roles across engineering, operations, sales, marketing, and support functions. 

With plans to create job opportunities for skilled youth in India, Kavinder Khurana, the Managing Director of Tesla Power India, stated, “As we continue to expand our footprint in India, we recognize the critical role that talented individuals will play in achieving sustainable goals through innovation. We are excited to welcome new talent to our team and leverage their contribution to further our mission of 'Save Cost. Save the Environment. Save Lives.' Tesla Power India adopts a multifaceted approach to hiring for new-age roles, utilising market mapping, digital platforms, campus recruitment, and collaboration with recruitment consultants.”

The company also unveiled plans to foster a thriving and sustainable work culture, wherein employees will have opportunities to learn and upskill for emerging technologies, as demanded by the current landscape of the industry.

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Khurana added, “Challenges persist, notably in navigating the unstructured market and reaching talent in rural areas with limited digital access. Since AI is changing how most jobs are performed, the company is conducting skills assessments, offering training programmes, providing mentorship, and encouraging job rotations. The impact of Covid-19 on salary levels has been relatively minimal in the battery industry compared to other sectors. We have observed a steady trend in salary levels throughout the pandemic, with fluctuations being less pronounced. This stability reflects the resilience of our industry and its ability to adapt to challenging circumstances while maintaining a consistent compensation structure.”

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