News: India outmatch US in hiring women in Tech

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India outmatch US in hiring women in Tech

The technology sector is the second-largest employer of women in India. Pharmaceutical and care industry tops the list.
India outmatch US in hiring women in Tech

According to a study by Nasscom, the Indian technology sector is the second-largest employer of women in India. Pharmaceutical industry tops the list. The study that was conducted in partnership with the Open University in the UK highlights that India’s IT-BPM industry employs nearly 3.9 million people, of which over 1.3 million are women.

The National Association of Software and Services Companies, says that approximately 34 percent of the workforce in the Indian IT industry are women which makes the sector one of the country’s largest employers of women. 

President & CEO of, formerly known as the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology, shared in media during the the Grace Hopper conference," India has been doing better with hiring woman techies — in this country almost 34 percent of the tech workforce is made up of women; in the US, it is 30 percent."

An earlier report by research team suggested that there are three times more male engineers to females. The report also confirmed that nearly 50% of women quit tech roles and move out from the of core engineering roles after close to 8 years. To fill in this gap women need to rise above such perceptions and sensitivities to bring a change.

In a session, “Women in Digital” conducted by People Matters in Tech HR, Harmeen Mehta,  Global CIO & Director Engineering of Bharti Airtel Limited shared, "Women are subconsciously biased towards themselves as they adopt and nurture the perception that men are better at technology and more digitally driven. She justified her statement by stating that women tend to seek validation by men, managers, children, parents, etc. 

Anuranjita Kumar, Managing Director- HR at RBS shares, “Procrastination is one of the obstacles that keep women away from accumulating new skills and abilities. They should read, experiment a lot and interact with the younger generation to understand and use newer technologies.”

With digital disturbances, organizations have started revamping their processes and business models to embrace the digital epoch. Therefore, it becomes imperative for women to upskill themselves to understand the changing business models.

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