News: Indian govt to introduce a new tactic to collate jobs data

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Indian govt to introduce a new tactic to collate jobs data

Professional bodies representing lawyers, CAs and architects, among others, and gig economy companies such as Ola and Uber would soon have to start filing data regarding jobs created.
Indian govt to introduce a new tactic to collate jobs data

As per the latest report, the government has already identified 23 organizations that will be directed to share the number of professionals registered.

Until now, household and enterprise surveys have been used to estimate employment scenario in the country. The government also uses Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) enrolment numbers to track buoyancy in formal job creation in the economy. But the authenticity of these sources and the numbers revealed by this data have been questioned several times.

To solve the problem of tracking data related to jobs and to make the process more robust and inclusive, government is expanding its approach. While the government is yet to notify a framework for collating this information, the discussion regarding the new strategy has happened.

The quality of jobs data have continuously been questioned, year on year. With the way of work changing across the country, it is all the more important to improvize the process of collecting jobs data. The new approach is much needed, considering the rate at which the entire business ecosystem is becoming more volatile and complex.

Collating jobs data not from one but many sources will help government and the entire country gain more holistic insights on how the job market is shaping. It will help in identifying, not only the sectors where most jobs have been created but also highlights the trends related to various forms of employment. However, the new process might have its own shortcomings and flaws. For instance, it won't be easy to get data from companies like Ola and Uber. There might be some resistance from professional bodies as well. And the authenticity of the data each of these organizations provide shall still remain questionable. Will the government involve a layer of strong audits as well? Let's wait and watch what framework the government introduces and how successfully it gets implemented. 

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