News: Skilled workers stay home as India's global appeal grows

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Skilled workers stay home as India's global appeal grows

Survey reveals domestic opportunities outweigh global appeal for many.
Skilled workers stay home as India's global appeal grows

A new survey reveals a surprising trend in the Indian workforce: despite India's growing appeal as a global work destination, fewer Indians are seeking employment abroad. The findings highlight India's evolving economic landscape and shifting priorities among its skilled professionals.

The study by BCG, the Network, and the Stepstone Group found a significant drop in the percentage of Indians willing to relocate for work, down to 54% in 2023 from 78% in 2018 and 2020.  Interestingly, this decline is driven by a strong emotional attachment to India, cited by 59% of respondents – far exceeding the global average of 33%.

So, what's keeping India's skilled professionals closer to home? Experts point to India's rapidly expanding domestic market and increasing career opportunities.

“In recent years, India has emerged as a beacon for professionals seeking dynamic career opportunities, both domestically and globally. This surge in popularity is underscored by its increasing rank on the global index of preferred working destinations, having gained six rank points in the last five years...,” said Neetu Chitkara Managing Director & Partner, India Lead People and Organisation Practice at Boston Consulting Group.

The survey also underscores that India itself is becoming a more desirable destination for global talent. India's ranking as a preferred destination has risen, while cities like Bengaluru and Delhi remain popular work hubs. Notably, Ahmedabad has entered the top 100 global cities for the first time.

The survey highlights a generational divide, with younger Indians showing a greater willingness to work abroad. Those seeking international careers cite economic and professional advancement as primary motivators. However, quality of life is emerging as an increasingly important factor. English-speaking nations like Australia, the US, Canada, and the UK remain highly desirable destinations.

While the trend bodes well for India's domestic economic growth, it could pose challenges for countries and companies facing talent shortages. Additionally, India will need to continue investing in creating a work environment that attracts highly skilled professionals from around the world.

According to the survey data from more than 1.5 lakh workforce respondents from 188 countries, moving abroad for work remains a dream for many around the world, with 23 per cent of professionals actively seeking jobs in other countries, and 63 per cent expressing an overall willingness to do so.

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