News: A letter to the young Indian employees from President Ram Nath Kovind


A letter to the young Indian employees from President Ram Nath Kovind

"The new stress on family time should be welcome for male employees, so that they can share some of the responsibilities of their partners,” pens down Indian President Ram Nath Kovind.
A letter to the young Indian employees from President Ram Nath Kovind

In a letter to the young Indians, President Ram Nath Kovind said that working from home has put women under a “triple burden”. 

The letter titled "Arise, The Future Beckons" has been published in the Manorama Yearbook 2022. He wrote that women employees are facing extra burdens while working remotely. He noted, "On top of that, as children attend school from home, their learning has to be supplemented by the parents, and that task usually falls on the mother.”

In the letter, Kovind has requested the male employees to share the burden of the family works with their partners for both of them to stay productive. He pointed out that at times, with increased working hours and less work-life balance, productivity starts falling, and responsibility lies with both male and female partners. 

Addressing the young Indians in their twenties, President Kovind said that this is the age for them to build their career and that question is “bound to be uppermost in your minds”. However, he noted that due to several social imperatives, many young people often equate a career with a job. Though that is understandable, a career may not necessarily mean a job. He noted that in India, the private sector has also contributed to the economic growth immensely and had plenty of opportunities which seek talented workers. 

 “India's bureaucracy and public sector both require talented, hardworking youngsters,” wrote the President

Kovind wrote, “In the new century, many of our deeply held notions of 'work' were anyway undergoing changes, and COVID-19 only hastened that process. It forced movement restrictions and lockdowns on us, paralysing economies around the world. As a result, there were job losses and salary cuts, but there was also a rise in the 'gig economy.”

Kovind, in his letter, has penned down the changing structure of the Indian workforce and the changing mindsets of the working section of youth. He marked the young workforce as “a brave new breed of youngsters is seeking neither jobs nor the financial security of the routine nine-to-five work but a rightful recognition of and remuneration for their unique talents, for their creative vision, for their skills.” He added that the youth, today, prefers flexibility over security which is driving them to explore alternative career options instead of sticking to one skill. 

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