News: Amazon once again lays off hundreds for 'business needs' – Here's which team was affected

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Amazon once again lays off hundreds for 'business needs' – Here's which team was affected

Affected employees will continue to receive full pay and benefits during this transitional period. Additionally, Amazon is offering outplacement assistance to support those impacted by the layoffs.
Amazon once again lays off hundreds for 'business needs' – Here's which team was affected

Amazon is extending its year-long campaign to reduce costs, with recent layoffs impacting its advertising division, resulting in the elimination of 160 positions. 

An internal email obtained by Business Insider revealed the same. Dated March 26th, the email followed a typical Silicon Valley layoff script, offering affected employees a 60- to 90-day window (depending on location) to secure a new role within the company. 

Otherwise, their journey with Amazon comes to an end. Full pay and benefits will continue during this period. Amazon is also providing outplacement assistance through recruiting firm Lee Hecht Harrison to help ease the transition for those affected. 

“We are taking the difficult step of reducing some roles across some Amazon Ads teams,” the email stated, before delivering the final news: “Unfortunately, your role has been eliminated.” 

Amazon confirmed the layoffs to Business Insider, with a spokesperson stating that "up to 160 roles" worldwide could be impacted. The official rationale provided is "reviewing the structure of our teams and making adjustments based on the needs of the business."

In this instance, these "needs" appear to prioritise "investments in experiences that matter most to customers." Amazon's recent layoffs in 2024 mark yet another chapter in its ongoing cost-cutting initiatives. 

Since late 2022, the retail giant has been streamlining operations, resulting in the elimination of at least 27,000 positions across several units, including Prime Video, Twitch, Audible, and even its healthcare division. 

The implementation of performance improvement plans (PIPs) coincided with the onset of layoffs, suggesting a broader impact on affected employees. Comments made by Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky in February hinted that these measures might only be the start of more significant changes to come.

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