News: This TELECOM giant laid off hundreds of employees in a 10-minute virtual meeting

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This TELECOM giant laid off hundreds of employees in a 10-minute virtual meeting

The union claimed members were denied the opportunity to ask questions, prompting Daniel Cloutier, Unifor's Quebec director, to remark, "Our dedicated members, who have served this telecoms and media giant for years, are being handed pink slips."
This TELECOM giant laid off hundreds of employees in a 10-minute virtual meeting

The labour union representing Bell employees asserted that the telecommunications company terminated hundreds of its members on Wednesday through virtual group sessions, labelling the action as "utterly disgraceful." 

Unifor, in a press statement, stated that over 400 workers were notified on Wednesday of their designation as "surplus" by the company. According to the union, members were informed of their termination during a brief 10-minute virtual meeting, where a manager read out the layoff notice, reported The Star. 

The union alleged that members were not given the chance to unmute and ask questions during the session. “Our members, who have devoted years of service to this telecoms and media giant, are being repaid with pink slips,” said Daniel Cloutier, Unifor’s Quebec director, in a statement. 

“If that’s not beyond shameful, I don’t know what is.” Unifor, Canada's largest private-sector union, with approximately 315,000 members nationwide, including Toronto Star employees, represents over 19,000 workers at Bell and its affiliated companies. 

Expressing outrage at the termination process, the union stated that the company has agreed to alter its approach for future meetings. Unifor representatives will now be present during these meetings, allowing workers the freedom to unmute themselves and pose questions during group calls. 

Following Bell's announcement in February of a workforce reduction of approximately nine percent, affecting around 4,800 jobs, the recent layoffs mark another significant cutback. This decision drew widespread criticism, particularly as it coincided with the company's increase in quarterly dividends for shareholders. 

Bell's President and CEO, Mirko Bibic, addressed the restructuring during an earnings call with analysts, acknowledging the difficulty of such decisions while emphasizing the necessity to streamline the organisation and expedite its transformation.

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