News: Web Spiders launches 'AI' powered Gecko at Tech HR 2018


Web Spiders launches 'AI' powered Gecko at Tech HR 2018

Web Spiders has launched Gecko AI - an outbound hiring and video interview solution at Tech HR 2018 - Asia's Largest HR Technology Conference.
Web Spiders launches 'AI' powered Gecko at Tech HR 2018

Web Spiders has launched Gecko AI - an outbound hiring and video interview solution at Tech HR 2018 - Asia’s Largest HR Technology Conference.

Gecko, which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to regularly and automatically follow-up with candidates selected for outbound hiring, records pre-screening video interviews, analyses candidate responses and body language and overall, helps recruiters in shortlisting candidates.

 A 2018 report by the Economic Times revealed that talent acquisition is likely to be challenging for recruiters in India over the course of the year. Meanwhile, the Global Recruitment Trends Report of LinkedIn states that Artificial Intelligence will be at the forefront of the recruitment process. Also, practicing new screening procedures will help to bridge the gap between a misfit and a talent. Deloitte predicts video interview will rise in 2018.

 According to a report on Business Standard, Indian corporates are also picking up on the new trend of involving AI for recruitment, with several corporate houses banking on it. Hence, Gecko is highly suited in the current scenario because of its ability to reach out to the best candidates, who are likely to be passive job searchers.

 At the launch, the CEO of Web Spiders, Siddharth Jhunjhunwala, said, “We are seeing great success with Email AI. Many passive or busy candidates are responding after the 4th follow-up. Without Gecko, the recruiters would never have been able to access this pool. The pre-screening Video interviews is directly cutting cost for the recruiters. They are calling more relevant and more focused candidate profiles for the face to face interviews. Our clients start seeing ROI by the second month."

 Gecko is a 2-step product. As the mail that reaches out to candidates and follows up with them multiple times across days and weeks with warm, friendly email reminders. Then, when a candidate responds in the affirmative, Gecko’s scans their message and returns automatically, marking them a “hot” lead and alerting the recruiter as well as setting up a meeting in their calendar! Similarly, Gecko can also understand a response showing a lack of interest and mark a candidate as “cold.”

 In the second step, positive candidates are sent a link to take a video interview that they can through the Gecko app. The app then ranks the candidate based on the video interview and offers pre screening process.

 It has been observed that the candidate often responds after the 4th follow-up mail, hence Gecko can efficiently tap the candidate successfully. This effectively increases human productivity.


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