News: Automation and AI are making work more human: University of London


Automation and AI are making work more human: University of London

A global research by University of London reveals automation leading to enhanced employee productivity and making work more human
Automation and AI are making work more human: University of London

A team of academics at Goldsmiths, University of London, supported by Automation Anywhere, studied the impact of automation on work and found that augmented workplaces score 33 percent higher on the factors deemed to make a workplace more human.

The research team surveyed business leaders on the extent to which they are humanizing their workplace to help people meet their full potential. They also studied how automation (RPA and AI) affect human experience. The research found that in augmented workplaces:

  • Employees are 38 percent more engaged than those in non-augmented workplaces

  • 70 percent of the participants agreed augmentation has improved the wellbeing of their workforce

  • 80 percent of those using AI and 78 percent using RPA noted elimination of repetitive tasks

 The research delves into understanding how automation makes people happier at work. It frees them from repetitive tasks to concentrate on creative and strategic work. The research found that augmented organizations:

  • Achieve 28% higher overall performance

  • Have 31% better financial performance

  • Are 30% more likely to prioritize strategic goals

The study also found that organizations that invest in people adjacent to investing in the technology observe better outcomes across three different dimensions of performance- financial returns, innovation, and cultural performance. The report noted that India leads the way in reaping the benefits of augmentation, with 86% of the respondents saying that automation has boosted employee productivity.

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