News: Google India wins Most Attractive Employer Award by Randstad


Google India wins Most Attractive Employer Award by Randstad

Competitive salary and employee benefits continue to be the top priority among the Indian workforce followed by long-term job security while choosing an employer.
Google India wins Most Attractive Employer Award by Randstad


After its parent company Alphabet toppled Apple to be the world’s most valuable company in the world early this year, Google India has been awarded the ‘Most Attractive Employer’ in India for the second consecutive year by Randstad. The runner-up was Mercedes-Benz. 

Dr. Moorthy K Uppaluri, MD & CEO, Randstad India, said, “In today’s fiercely competitive job market, recruiting top talent, engaging and retaining them is fundamental to a company’s ability to grow. It is also a proven fact that companies that are capable of attracting the right talent for the right job simply perform better. At this juncture, establishing and maintaining a consistent employer branding strategy is critical for organizations, as it offers a holistic approach to the entire talent acquisition process by providing a distinctive competitive advantage to stand out in the clutter, thus giving candidates a gripping reason to associate themselves with the organization”.

At the 6th edition of Randstad Award 2016, the sectoral specific special recognition awards are going to Dell India for IT, Samsung India for Consumer Electronics and Amazon India for E-Commerce.

In India this year, the survey captured the views of around 7500 respondents, who chose the nation’s most attractive employer brand for 2016. The survey also revealed that salary and employee benefits (48%) continue to be the top reason among the Indian workforce while choosing an employer, followed by long-term job security (46%), financial health of the company (43%), pleasant working atmosphere (40%), and good work-life balance (38%).

The survey findings also reflected that the Indian workforce prefers to work or move to sectors like IT & Communication (70%), followed by Automobiles (66%) and FMCG, retail & e-commerce (64%).

The Randstad Award, instituted globally by Randstad, one of the leading HR services providers in the world is hosted each year to encourage best practices for talent attraction and to identify the best ‘Employer Brand’ in the country based on perceived attractiveness of a company. 

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