News: Microsoft and Ramco collaborates to launch Ramco Global Payroll on Microsoft Dynamics 365


Microsoft and Ramco collaborates to launch Ramco Global Payroll on Microsoft Dynamics 365

The unified platform will be a combination of Talent and Payroll solutions infused with the AI capabilities.
Microsoft and Ramco collaborates to launch Ramco Global Payroll on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft and Ramco Systems announced their partnership with the launch of Ramco Global Payroll on Microsoft Dynamics 365 which will offer a combination of Talent and Payroll on a unified platform infused with Microsoft AI capabilities around Chatbots and Facial recognition.

 The platform will offer a holistic HR offering which incorporates Dynamics 365 Talent and Ramco Payroll across 45+ countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia & New Zealand. 

 Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, shares, “The partnership between two leaders in Talent & Payroll will deliver best of technology and enterprise-led innovations in a scalable and secure platform. Our unique strength in addressing payroll across 45+ countries with Time & Attendance and Workforce Management modules built-in will now be a seamless fit into Dynamics 365 Talent, thus ensuring clients’ a complete package.”

Ralph Haupter, Corporate VP & President Asia, Microsoft said, “Today, AI is at the center of - and a key catalyst for - digital transformation across India. We are delighted to further strengthen our partnership with Ramco Systems through Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform, combined with the strength of Azure. This AI-enabled solution allows Ramco to maximize both growth and efficiency for their customers, in areas such as organizational productivity, advanced analytics, Power BI and IoT.”

Talking about the partnership, Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India said, “By 2020, 30% of mid-market and large enterprises will invest in cloud-deployed human capital management suites. Our partnership with Ramco takes a step forward in empowering organizations to achieve more. This comprehensive solution for talent management offers the scale and security for digital transformation needs of HR in modern enterprises.”

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