News: Silver-lining in the Cloud: Alibaba’s “Aggressive Growth Plan” for India


Silver-lining in the Cloud: Alibaba’s “Aggressive Growth Plan” for India

Despite entering the Indian market only recently, Alibaba Cloud is growing multiple times faster than growth rate of the cloud industry.
Silver-lining in the Cloud: Alibaba’s “Aggressive Growth Plan” for India

Alibaba Cloud signed on a partnership with an IT and digital service company, ONGO Framework on Wednesday. The core thought behind the partnership is to make services available to 100,000 micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in India by December 2019. That is what the first phase of the endeavor would focus on.


Alex Li, General Manager, Alibaba Cloud India, says that with the Indian government pushing towards data localization, there is a sea of opportunity for the company to grow in India. Having started its first data centre in Mumbai in January, followed by another in September, the Alibaba Group subsidiary has been growing many times faster than the growth rate of the cloud industry in India.

Li added, “India is a very promising market for everyone. According to Gartner, the cloud market in the country grew by 37% in the last fiscal year. But growth for Alibaba was much higher and multiple times of that figure. We have a very aggressive growth plan for India and it’s a major market for us.”

Facing strong competitors like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud has an expansion plan for India that involves singing more partnerships, broadening the target base to be inclusive of various enterprises as well as making inroads into government machinery.


With key differentiators like their potential in artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning, the company has abundant capabilities to put into action in the country. After partnering on a project with the government of Andhra Pradesh, the next phase involves looking at working with other state governments with focus areas such as consulting, technology and SME partnerships.


This seems to the perfect time to focus on expanding digital localization in the country while the government is focused on doing the same. These developments thus look positive for both India and for Alibaba Cloud.

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