News: Remote job searches at 966% all time high, as India locks down: Indeed


Remote job searches at 966% all time high, as India locks down: Indeed

With the increasing need for technical integration across functions and sectors, job roles that require technical expertise to ensure seamless working have been the most in demand.
Remote job searches at 966% all time high, as India locks down: Indeed

As India grapples with the second wave, the companies are laying more focus on hiring employees that offer the required skill set irrespective of the city of the applicants. It is expected that employers would increase work-from-home options, embracing hybrid work as the future of work. 

Increasing demand in ‘Remote Work’

According to the latest data report by Indeed’s, job searches for ‘remote work’ skyrocketed to 966% in April 2021, from the same period last year i.e 2020. This burgeoning demand for remote jobs is backed by the fact that geographical boundaries are blurring while employers hire and the job seekers scout for opportunities. 

The pandemic has defined the significance of skills as the top priority for hiring as opposed to location of the job seeker. This also reflected in another study conducted by Indeed, last year, which stated that the businesses are strategically adopting technological innovations to attract the right skill set and increase efficiency. The study also stated that 1 in 2 employers hired only virtually in the pandemic. 

Commenting on the surge of remote jobs, Sashi Kumar, Managing Director, Indeed India said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has fast tracked the adoption of technology across functions in India and has set in motion the largest work from home experiment of our generation. Our data has reflected the same showing a consistent rise in searches for remote jobs.”

Top Paying Remote Jobs

Indeed also looked at the top paying remote jobs and unsurprisingly tech jobs topped the charts.

Tech jobs are in high demand in comparison to other industry jobs and it would be interesting to see how other job sectors would adapt to ‘remote work’ policies in a rising hybrid work environment. 


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