News: Airtel to train staff on recent religious bigotry charges

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Airtel to train staff on recent religious bigotry charges

Airtel plans to train its customer response teams to better deal with queries and complaints based on ethnicity, religion, and race.
Airtel to train staff on recent religious bigotry charges

Earlier this week, caught in a religious bigotry controversy, telecom giant Bharti Airtel recently issued clarification by stating that the company did not bow to religious bigotry. The company now plans to train their customer response team to deal better with queries and complaints that are related to ethnicity, religion, and race.

According to a statement in media, a spokesperson stated, “The company will sensitize its customer executives to any requests or complaints based on ethnicity, etc. to avoid any allegations of discrimination in future.”

The spokesperson further shared that they will have workshops to sensitize executives on dealing with such scenarios.

Earlier this week, on Monday, an Airtel customer complained about the company's service on social media, to which the company’s online team responded. However, the customer asked that her complaint should be resolved by another agent belonging to a particular religion. In the meantime, the agent was replaced by another executive who happened to belong to the religion that the customer had asked for. However, the company clarified that the o second executive got the case because queries are transferred automatically to the next agent when the former agent logs out. 

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