News: After Wild West, Indians eye jobs in Europe, Gulf countries


After Wild West, Indians eye jobs in Europe, Gulf countries

For several decades, the US and Gulf were the most preferred job destination for skilled Indian workers. However, with job prospects and employment policies getting tougher post traditional overseas job markets, Indian workers have begun exploring for newer and better opportunities in other parts of the world. According to a study conducted by Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has revealed that more and more skilled workers are now exploring job prospects in Europe and Gulf countries as compared to the United States of America and Dubai. Skilled immigrants are now actively pursuing the European ‘Blue Card’ which would enable Indian skilled workers to take up jobs in European Union countries which are currently facing shortage of skilled labour or are likely to face it in near future due to demographic reasons. In Gulf, Indian workers have also shifted their focus from Dubai to other attractive destinations such as Saudi Arabia and Oman.

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