News: CEO believe they are part time HR managers


CEO believe they are part time HR managers

CEOs often believe that they have turned into part-time HR managers. They believe the HR guys could have done a better job so they can spend less time on this issue, and more time on what is strategic to the organization - for example, managing customer relationships. But the truth is that they have run out of choice and the only solution is to determine what HR areas should they really get involved in to add value.

A few areas the CEO should personally focus on are organizational structure, compensation and organizational culture. The organizational structure must be aligned to strategy and the CEO should run it past the HR team to ensure the design is complaint with best practices and not the other way round. While HR determines the appropriate compensation for the organization, the CEO should not be boxed into a compensation structure HR tells him/her to follow. Another area of CEO focus is the area of creating the organization's culture. Culture should be so chosen that it is right for the organization, the strategy, and one that is aligned most with CEO’s your leadership style.

The bottom line on all of this is the fact that people are the key to an organization's success and growth, and that ensuring the organization delivers cannot be outsourced 100% to HR. CEO is also meant to be a part-time HR manager.

Source: The Economic Times

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