News: Gender diversity scores high for Microsoft, Accenture


Gender diversity scores high for Microsoft, Accenture

Profitability, growth and shareholder value are no longer the only yardsticks on which CEOs are being assessed. A growing tribe of India Inc leaders and CXOs is now being evaluated and rewarded on how well they attract, nurture and groom women managers into leadership positions. Be it Microsoft India, Accenture, P&G, IBM etc., the leadership team at these organizations have diversity on their performance scorecards. The leadership team is accountable for career progression of women in their respective organizations; thereby bringing forth the point that career progression of women is no longer just an HR responsibility but a CEO function too.

The change is being led by a bunch of MNCs that have graduated from looking at gender diversity as a 'good to do' thing to a business imperative and strategy.

Source: The Economic Times

Topics: #Updates, Diversity

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