News: Innovative universities to be set up in the country


Innovative universities to be set up in the country

The top audit body and the ministry of human resource development (HRD) which oversees education, envisages 14 innovative universities as autonomous entities, with no “regulation from outside”. These universities are being planned as the centers of excellence along the lines of Harvard and Oxford may be kept outside the purview of the nation’s top audit body so that they are financially independent, which would make them unique in the country. These universities will have the liberty of framing their own rules on academics and qualifications needed for teaching positions, and get to decide their own fees, curriculum and rules for the appointment of faculty. This sort of autonomy is already given to Central universities and the IITs and IIMs, but bureaucratic procedures hamper it on the ground. Steps are also being taken to invite collaborations from foreign universities to set up some of the innovation universities in India.

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