News: Is there HR for HR? The Mohandas Pai's Example


Is there HR for HR? The Mohandas Pai's Example


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T. V. Mohandas Pai, Head, Human Resource Development & Education and Research, Infosys, announced his resignation with effect from June 2011. Earlier this year there were speculations about Pai becoming the COO. Now the nominations committee at Infosys has an even larger list to fulfill the succession planning requirements. Professor Jeffery S Lehman, Deepak M Satwalekar, former Managing Director and CEO of HDFC Standard Life Insurance and K V Kamath, non-executive chairman of the Board of Directors of ICICI Bank will now be looking for best candidates for the roles of chairman, CEO, COO and CFO of the company.
There is no official communication about the reasons for Pai’s resignation. Maybe this is an opportunity for CEOs to reflect about how we engage and excite top level management, especially those heading HR. Why will somebody who has spend and invested 17 years if his career building an organization will not stay to see the fruits of his work and chose to step down for a larger purpose? What triggered Pai’s focus away from his corporate career? Maybe there are some questions that the Infosys management team and the succession planning commission should reflect upon.

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