News: Outsourcing set to take a backstage as hiring picks up


Outsourcing set to take a backstage as hiring picks up

Now, as there are clear signs of economic recovery, the domestic market is expected to spearhead hiring activities, unlike in recent years when recruitment was led by outsourcing requirements. Staffing firms like Teamlease reports a quantum increase in the number of active positions around 4000 currently as against 800 around June last year. There were almost 10,000 active job positions prior to the Lehman collapse in 2008. The reason behind the spur in hiring is the demand in domestic market. Traditionally, about 85% of the hiring was done to meet the outsourcing demand, but now the domestic demand is playing a significant role. Desi companies are also busy inducting talent to strengthen their management. Domestic recruitment volumes are expected to pick up across verticals like telecom, manufacturing, FMCG, retail, BFSI, IT and government.

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