News: Recession causing stress and anxiety among 26% of employees


Recession causing stress and anxiety among 26% of employees

The recession has made more than one-quarter of employees so anxious that they dread going back to work on Mondays, a new mental health report has found. The research by mental health charity ‘Mind’ found 26% of workers' weekends were ruined by Sunday blues and the dismay at having to return to work the next day.

The survey of more than 2,000 adults also found that since the recession, one in 10 workers have sought support from their doctors, while 7% have started taking anti-depressants for stress and mental health problems directly caused by the pressures of the recession on their workplace. Half of respondents also reported that staff morale was low, while some 28% said they were now working longer hours. The numbers of people who reported having left a job due to stress rose from 6% in 2004 to 8% in 2009 and only 38% of those surveyed think their employer is doing enough to support them.

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