News: Shortage of talent poses a global problem: Survey


Shortage of talent poses a global problem: Survey

According to the annual talent shortage survey by HR solutions firm Manpower, talent is hard to come by across the world. Close to one-third of employers worldwide find it difficult to fill key positions within their organizations. The Asia Pacific region has seen an increase of 9% in non-availability of desired skills this year, as compared to the previous year.

India, fortunately, faces a slightly less shortage of talent, with only 16% employers saying they find it difficult to access people with the appropriate skills. The survey covers about 1,700 employers in the country.

The survey also revealed that the top five hardest jobs to fill were skilled trades (electrical work, carpentry, masonry, plumbing and welding), sales representatives, technicians, engineers and accounting and finance staff. These are the same top jobs that employers have been struggling to fill for the past four years – thus demonstrating an ongoing global mismatch in these areas. The survey covers 35,000 employers across 36 countries.

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