News: Survey finds widespread spying by Indian companies


Survey finds widespread spying by Indian companies

According to a recent report by the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India, corporate espionage is a booming industry in India and it is being fueled by executives spying on their rivals, as well as their own employees. The report states that over 35 percent of companies operating in various sectors across India are engaged in corporate espionage to gain advantage over their competitors and are even spying on their employees via social networking websites. As per the report, about 350 respondents from detective firms said demand from companies in the IT-BPO, infrastructure, FMCG, banking, insurance, manufacturing and telecom sectors is overwhelming, as they have large database, sensitive networks and information like research and development processes, innovations, product specifications, new marketing and sales strategies. While checking out people’s activity on social media sites like LinkedIn or Twitter didn’t sound too alarming, Assocham made a stronger claim that about 900 respondents said that they plant a mole in other companies, usually as receptionists, photo-copiers and other low-end jobs.

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