News: The 10 most popular companies among students


The 10 most popular companies among students

Today’s new professionals aren’t just searching job sites and emailing resumes; instead, “social” is their native habitat. They use social and professional networks to research companies, explore trends, and get the inside scoop on careers from classmates, friends and family. So in this dramatically changed environment, which companies have attracted the attention of today’s students and recent grads? According to LinkedIn the most watched large companies are Google, Accenture, Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte, HP, PwC, E&Y, Oracle and Apple. A few interesting trends that emerged from the data crunching are that the Boston Consulting Group & Facebook have the most global appeal to students and recent graduates – either of them appear in every Top 10 country list except Brazil - the only country whose Top 10 list exclusively features domestic companies. Students in the United States (US) are more likely to follow entertainment, media and social brands, while students in the United Kingdom are most interested in fashion and retail. In India, students focused on companies headquartered in the US – along with IT and tech companies

Source: LinkedIn

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