News: The return on investment from training


The return on investment from training

It is important to recognise that the end goal of a typical training programme is not simply learning, but rather, the application of learning in the workplace. Research indicates that the 'transfer of learning' from management and executive training programmes to the workplace hovers in the pitiful range of 10-30 percent. To understand why some managers successfully "act" on their learning after attending a programme and why others don't, organisations must appreciate that a training programme is part of a process, rather than a discrete event. This process includes at least two steps before the training programme: Recognition (recognition of the need for training), Matching (matching the right managers to the right programme), and at least three steps after the training programme: Application (application of the learning in the workplace), Impact (assessment of the impact made by the application of the learning), and Return (measurement of ROI based on impact to the organisation, taking into consideration all relevant costs).

Source: The Economic Times 

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