News: Want a job? Register on job portal or social networking sites


Want a job? Register on job portal or social networking sites

The social networking sites may be considered to be a bane in the workplace but addicted youngsters are in great vogue from companies engaged in social media marketing. Social media advertising, which is a $10-billion industry in the US, taking off in a big way in India; there are only 10-15 serious contenders in this space and several companies require their online marketing strategies to be in line with the needs of the youth who spend more time on social networking sites than on e-mail and hence it makes sense to hire people who understand social networking sites in and out. In the job postings companies have started mentioning this as a requirement for a particular position where lots of networking is required. So the trends have started changing and people having started looking for job options at other places apart from the usual job portals.

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