News: Work from home culture gaining popularity in India


Work from home culture gaining popularity in India

Gone are the days when Work From Home, WFH. meant you are excused on medical grounds or for some emergency, or, if you are a woman, on maternity leave. WFH is now an accepted norm in many companies, especially in the IT sector, which believe that this promotes a good work-life balance and actually enhances productivity. While employees are obviously happy, employers feel that in these times of high attrition rates, such an option helps in retention. Along with a good pay package and growth opportunity, employees these days are increasingly looking at work culture of a place before deciding on a job.

A critical point taken into account by a number of companies is that most working people complain of not having enough time to spend with their families. The WFH option offers them the opportunity to gain that much-needed work-life balance, and motivates them to put in their best effort at work in return.

Source: NDTV

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