News: Razorpay renames sick leaves to "wellness leaves”

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Razorpay renames sick leaves to "wellness leaves”

This decision is in the direction to remove the stigma of sickness that discourages people from taking leave for things like mental health.
Razorpay renames sick leaves to "wellness leaves”

Razorpay has been taking up a number of initiatives recently to ensure a safe, happy, and productive workforce. Last week, it had announced that the second Wednesday of every month will now be a ‘No Meeting Day’. This step is specifically meant to address the too many internal meetings that its employees end up being a part of because of the limited facetime with each other. 

This weekend, the company took another large step towards a 'safety first' and 'employee first' culture with a major announcement - the 'Wellness Leaves'.

The company has renamed its sick leaves to "wellness leaves" and expanded the scope (and count) to cover any leaves needed for someone to be fully functional at work. This includes mental health, burnout, being sick, menstrual periods, and anything else that affects people's physical and mental well-being.

CEO & CoFounder, Harshil Mathur said, "While this sounds like a small change, naming it 'wellness leave' was a really important part of this decision to remove the stigma of sickness that discourages people from taking leave for things like mental health. Given the current times, where people are working from home, it is essential for folks to take leaves and breaks that help them manage burnout and stress. Hope this helps people in doing that."

Companies are realizing that employee wellness has become of paramount importance in these times as employees struggle to balance their life and work working from home. By focusing on wellness and mental health of their employees, organizations will be in a much better position to improve the employee experience of employees while working from home during this pandemic.

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