In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, “innovation” is the key that can provide a vital differentiation for both traditional and new-age businesses.
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The leadership moment of the 21st century
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to one of the toughest times in history which has shuttered many businesses all over the world. Employers’ stress and worry have risen to a record high. Organizations are choosing furloughs and hiring freezes over outright layoffs.

The catastrophe, thus, brings to fore one of the greatest challenges for leaders in their lifetimes. Research shows that leadership makes the greatest difference when the world around us is uncertain, and we are unsure about what lies ahead. The cover story in this issue talks in detail about the leadership mantras to tide through the epidemic – from workforce alignment to retaining top employees to comply with the legal aspects of retrenchments to carving out new ways of compensation rewards.
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  Big Interview 
  Take a people-first approach to navigating this crisis: Citrix’s Global Chief People Officer 
  Donna Kimmel, EVP, and CPO, Citrix shares her views on the current COVID-19 crisis, the disruptions in HR and talent operations and what do they mean for top HR leaders. She also talks about why better employee experience is equivalent to better business results, be it in times of crisis or otherwise. 
  People Matters Research 
  Solving the employee experience conundrum: People Matters and SAP SuccessFactors research 
  With COVID-19 pandemic quickly re-prioritizing the employee expectations, delivering on the promise of great employee experience will be a key differentiator for organizations. 
  News Feature 
  Keeping cost in check and employees on the payroll amid COVID-19 
  To enable employees to sail through the tough times brought about by COVID-19, companies across the globe have come up with a slew of measures to keep costs in check and employees on the payroll. Here is a detailed report. 
  Employee Relations 
  Helping employees tide over the Covid-19 crisis 
  COVID-19 has put all the companies on the edge and has impacted the world of work significantly. Millions of jobs are at risk and many businesses are on the verge of shutting shop. Amid all this chaos, many organizations are giving financial aids, organizing learning programs, and also keeping track of the mental wellbeing of their employees. 
  Special Story 
  Employee Experience in 2020 
  The special story in this issue takes a look at why EX is a top priority for business leaders across the world, trends shaping employee experience in 2020, challenges that organizations face while ensuring employee experience, pitfalls organizations make when executing their employee experience strategy, and the future of employee experience. 
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