Research: The state of HR technology in India

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The state of HR technology in India

This HR technology study 2016 provides exclusive insights on the digital transformation agendas of leading companies across sectors.
The state of HR technology in India

Digital Transformation has revolutionized how companies do business. Today, the consumer is far better informed and has a wide array of options to choose from. And customers are not just looking for products and services; they are looking for intelligent solutions and predictability. Increased competition in the marketplace has led to companies experimenting with different kinds of business models which include different profit sharing and skill sharing arrangements. And the influx of the millennial workforce has meant that companies need to account for their preferences in the workplace culture. At the epicenter of the digital transformation of companies, there is technology. It is the technologies of Social, Mobile,Analytics, Cloud and Internet of Things that are significantly associated with digital business transformation.

The HR function has also seen an influx of technology in the past decade. In this context, it is worthwhile asking what is the current state of HR technology adoption in companies? Which HR functions have been automated and to what extent? What have been the success levels of technology implementation? What challenges do companies face and what makes for an aspirational HR technology? What do digital agendas look like? People Matters, in association with SAP, conducted the HR Technology Study 2016 to answer such pertinent questions. Download this report to understand key benchmarking trends and expert views from leading companies and their digital agendas.

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