Research: Whitepaper on travails of the Staffing Industry and navigating critical challenges

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Whitepaper on travails of the Staffing Industry and navigating critical challenges

This whitepaper seeks to identify challenges in the staffing industry and how staffing companies can plug the demand-supply gap between talent and job seekers.
Whitepaper on travails of the Staffing Industry and navigating critical challenges

India is the third largest market for flexi or temp staff in the world and has an estimated worth of Rs 270 Bn. Talent acquisition is not easy here as employers are not able to fulfill their staffing requirements effectively, even with the assistance of staffing companies. There is a mismatch, in varied aspects. A report by Indeed identifies two such mismatches – interests and skills. Hence finding the right talent and finding them quick, underlines the need for a quality staffing partner(s). But forging an effective partnership with clients has been a quintessential challenge that staffing companies have been facing for a while. 

In this article, we talk about the critical challenges being faced by the staffing industry and some practical solutions to resolve the same. The whitepaper titled “Travails of the Staffing Industry: Navigating five critical challenges” presents findings and insights from an exclusive panel discussion on “Challenging the status quo; redefining the staffing industry” organized by People Matters in partnership with Indeed. Rituparna Chakraborty, Nicolas Dumoulin, Saleel Panse, Pratik Thakkar and Shashi Kumar constituted what was a diverse panel.

Here are key insights from the whitepaper:

  1. How to manage stakeholder expectations?

  2. How to address the feedback lag in staffing?

  3. How to arrange jobs in the order of priority?

  4. How to manage millennials and their changing expectations?

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This article is part of our #Redefine Staffing campaign in collaboration with Indeed. To know more about how to deal with challenges in staffing, click here to register for our Masterclass series.

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