Research: State of recruitment technology in India

Talent Acquisition

State of recruitment technology in India

This People Matters research report presents an overview of the technologies being adopted by organizations in recruitment and challenges they are facing in their TA technology stack implementation.
State of recruitment technology in India

Talent Acquisition (TA) has emerged as the most critical function for HR and business leaders, especially in the digital age. The challenges of identifying and selecting the right talent for the business has never been more significant, and the stakes for overcoming them have never been higher. As enterprises look to TA leaders to play an increasingly strategic role, TA leaders are turning to technology solutions to drive insights and efficiency. Technology innovations in TA especially have exploded in last five years and TA technologies today cover a wide variety of sub-processes within the overall TA process. Effective deployment of TA technologies is likely to enable TA professionals to play the strategic role demanded of them from businesses of various types.

Continuing with our endeavor to provide actionable research to our community, People Matters surveyed around 108 Talent Acquisition leaders, and HR & Business leaders to understand the type of TA technology solutions being adopted by Indian organizations. Through this, research, we aimed to understand what their future plans are and what challenges are they facing in their TA technology stack implementation.

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