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A High-Impact workplace learning culture | Research

Organizations need a culture that makes learning a part of organization’s strategic success—A High-Impact Workplace Learning Culture. Download this report to know more.
A High-Impact workplace learning culture | Research

In the book titled ‘The Fifth Discipline,’ Peter Senge coined the word- Learning Organizations. Learning organizations can be defined as a group of people who are continually enhancing their capabilities to create what they want to create. The basic rationale for such organizations is that in situations of rapid change, only those that are flexible, adaptive and productive will excel. 

In a hyper-competitive, complex, and volatile business environment, organizations are constantly pushing their employees to perform better and bring more to the table. But the same forces are disturbing the business ecosystem and are also overwhelming employees, driving up their fear of job loss, and compromising their capacity. Hence, it becomes absolutely imperative for the C-Suite leaders to focus on building a high-impact workplace learning culture.

Continuing with our endeavor to provide actionable research for our community, People Matters in partnership with BITS Pilani studied the L&D landscape to uncover some of the most pertinent trends. This involved understanding the L&D priorities and agendas that have evolved over the last two years. While assessing how true the function has remained to the last two year’s vision for itself, we have also attempted to dig deeper into the importance of a high-impact workplace learning culture; a culture that would be effective in navigating the future of work. The study also covers a segment on higher education programs as education comes across as one of the crucial formal methods of supporting a high impact learning culture in the organizations.

Through this study, we aim to understand how organizations are enabling a high-impact workplace learning culture. The study covers three broad points:

(A) Top priorities and agenda: What are the recruitment priorities for the year 2018 and how the vision and capabilities of the function have evolved over the past two years?

(B) What defines a high-impact workplace learning culture?

(C) Building a high-impact workplace learning culture: What are organizations doing in building a high-impact workplace learning culture?

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