Research: Learning trends India 2020: Reimagining learning for a hybrid workplace

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Learning trends India 2020: Reimagining learning for a hybrid workplace

Find out how the strategic priorities of the L&D function are changing as a new hybrid workplace emerges - A People Matters and Skillsoft Research Study
Learning trends India 2020: Reimagining learning for a hybrid workplace

As companies were looking at their business continuity plans in the backdrop of COVID 19 induced disruption, there has been a shift towards building and scaling up digital operations across all sectors and jobs. While traditional learning prepares people for different aspects of work, navigating digital tools can play a remarkable role in boosting a company’s learning strategies.

This research study on 'Learning Trends India 2020' by People Matters and Skillsoft has validated our hypothesis – that most organizations are willing to understand their learning journeys with more data and insight. Whether it is by experimenting with new methodologies, personalizing learning journeys, and measuring learning effectiveness, the innovative digital tools are going to play a significant role in boosting the business. The report is designed to understand the shifts in learning priorities.

Reflections from the research:

  • Strategic priorities of the L&D function
  • Role of informal learning or non-structured learning
  • Different modes of learning, trends in budget allocation and key impact measures
  • We trust that this report will help you gain a better understanding of the landscape of the skilling in India


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