Twangout: Re-Engineering Recruitment by Automating Recruitment Process

Talent Acquisition

Re-Engineering Recruitment by Automating Recruitment Process

Adil Nargowala, Senior General Manager-HR Head Talent Acquisitio, WNS

Since its debut automating recruitment has proved to be a blessing for many organizations, but still apprehensions around how best can recruitment professionals deal with technology. Optimizing the available technology is in the hands of Recruiters and HR professionals. This Twangout offers to cover how technology can be leveraged in the recruitment re-engineering process.

  1. How can technology bring down the cost per hire?
  2. How can technology enhance the candidate experience process?
  3. What are the roadblocks in having technology embedded in an organization’s recruitment process?
  4. What are the visible business impacts that technology will have on the recruitment process?
  5. How did WNS re-engineer its recruitment process?
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Topics: Talent Acquisition

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