Twangout: Designing strategic conversations

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Designing strategic conversations

Kavi Arasu, Chief Manager-Learning & Development, Asian Paints

Organizations are not just a mechanistic structure made of policies, processes and ‘human resources’, but a living group of people who strive to reach new heights together! They are microcosms of societies and communities in their own right. These communities are built through conversations, which is the lowest common denominator for any society or community. Can one learn the art of having powerful and impactful conversations, which ultimately will propel the company to greater heights?

This Twangout will walk you through the following:

  1. The art and practice of having strategic conversations
  2. How conversations can be part of informal learning?
  3. How does one reimagining the organisation as a community?
  4. What is the role of conversations in building this community?
  5. What is the changed role that L&D should play in this context?
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