Video: Learning to deal with talent acquisition paradoxes


Learning to deal with talent acquisition paradoxes

This session divulges into some of the talent acquisition paradoxes which organizations struggle with and how a CEO can tackle these paradoxes.

The second session of Talent Acquisition League, 2017 conducted by People Matters unveils some of the paradoxes that Hiring Managers and Recruiters face and how organizations can deal with these paradoxes. This session was hosted by Ester Martinez who interviews Lorraine Rodrigues, Country Manager of Fidelity India.

When hiring managers can’t articulate what they are looking for in a candidate, it becomes a huge challenge for recruiters. Organizations need to train hiring managers on articulating what the potential required for a business need. Most of the time we have observed that when organizations are working on a project, leaders spend a considerable amount of time on business requirements. We need to apply the same discipline and same amount of time when it comes to understanding and articulating the capabilities you require to hire i.e. the technical as well as the soft skills which are essential to deal with this dilemma of short term vs long term. So if we get the right soft skills then those candidates will survive in the longer run. 

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