Video: Personalization: The new frontier for L&D


Personalization: The new frontier for L&D

Stefaan Van Hooydonk, CLO of Flipkart gives an insightful session on personalization of learning during People Matters L&D virtual conference.

While the business case for personalization of learning is starting to be recognized by companies, a question on many L&D professionals' mind is how to go about structuring processes, tools, and approaches for personalization. What kind of an organization should they be? How should the L&D team be organized in terms of their structure? And which kind of skills can be tackled through personalization? More importantly, what new skills do L&D professionals need to hone for this new reality? This session will reflect on some of the key imperatives that L&D professionals should focus on, to make sure that right learning is personalized right from the entry level to those at the top. You can also read the article based on the session here /article/training-development/personalisation-the-new-frontier-for-ld-15719.


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