Video: Letters to youself: What to tell yourself on the first day


Letters to youself: What to tell yourself on the first day

What did you tell yourself at the first day of work? What are those principles that you unfalteringly swear by even today after so many years? Some of the most illustrous HR leaders share what they would have written to themselves on their first day at work.

A lot of people fail to set some ground rules that will define their purpose and direction of work. It is important for any professional to evaluate the most important priorities in their lives and work toward achieving them. For some, working with integrity and honour is of foremost importance, while for others, it is important to earn respect and glory. Whatever be your aim from your professional endeavours, reminding yourself about the "why" and "what" of your professional work helps you make important decisions at the most important junxtures of your professional life. In this video, some HR leaders share with us what they told themselves on the first day before they started work.

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