Video: Diversity for Improving Business Metrics


Diversity for Improving Business Metrics

This video explores Aegis' hexagonal model of diverisity

This webinar is the joint effort between People Matters and other partners -- Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL), Pearson TalentLens, SumTotal Systems, a skillsoft company, Great Lakes Institute of Management, and Wilson Learning.  SM Gupta Global Chief people officer Aegis Limited in this webinar focusses on the following points: 

  1. Can top leadership play the role of change agent by adopting diversity model?
  2. Does this model enhance employee motivation
  3. How does it significantly impact business metrics.

The practices that Aegis follows help drive lot of innovation and long term sustainability; diverse clientele base; stimulates employee motivation and morale.

The webinar explores the hexagonal model of diversity of Aegis; diversity enablers - budget allocation, leadership commitment, policy on Human Rights, strong organisational structure, sustainability reporting; Diversity metrics - scorecard, diversity goals, employee engagement initiatives and client feedback, diveristy DNS scan survey; Initiatives in 2014-15 by Aegis -- 2nd innings, employment of females in Riyadh centre of Aegis (400 female employees), PwD hiring in Aegis Malaysia, hiring of people from disadvantaged group in South Africa, Partnering with SARTHAK Educational Trust, New centres to create employment for socially economically disadvantged people in tier 3 &4 cities. He also talks about how diversity impacts on business metrics and stakeholders - shareholders, employees, customers and society. And also the awards and accolades, Aegis have received from the industry.


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