Video: Future trends for rewards & recognition & employee engagement

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Future trends for rewards & recognition & employee engagement

How will you engage multiple generation employees, and how will rewards & recognition change from organizational perspectives?

The concepts of ‘work’, ‘reward’ & ‘recognition’ have changed significantly over the last two decades. Today’s workforce is global & more diverse, not just from a demographics perspective, but also by behavioural and psychographic segmentation. Organisations have to perform a tricky balancing act to attract, retain and engage employees as business grow through different phases. Hence, it’s business imperative to make best efforts to start foreseeing some of the emerging changes and thus prepare better.

In this webinar organized by People Matters in association with Giftxoxo (Sanchayan Paul, Head of Rewards, Vodafone India & Manoj Agarwal, Co-Founder at Giftxoxo) the following points were explored:

  1. Multiple Generations: Engaging different employee segments
  2. Multiple Countries/Cultures: Managing a global workforce
  3. Multiple Business imperatives: Delivering Rewards nuanced to Business Needs
  4. Different Phases of Business Growth: Cost Of Rewards and movement from Total Rewards to Total Value Proposition
  5. Multiple Stakeholders: Shareholder’s View, Public Activism & Fair Pay in Rewards
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Topics: Benefits & Rewards, Employee Engagement

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