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How to boost employee morale with effective EVP strategy

An EVP is what an organization has to offer to prospective and current employees, and includes monetary and non-monetary benefits such as pay, work, culture, opportunities, and anything else of great value. It takes a mix of the right engagement and recognition strategy, and an effective employee value proposition framework to boost employee morale and build a happier org.

There has been an impact on the IT industry and its workforce with the advent of automation, new technologies and AI resulting in a spell of layoffs. In these uncertain times, keeping employee motivation up is critical to employee productivity and organizational success. At the same time, maintaining the right brand image to attract prospective employees is equally essential. This is where an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) becomes pivotal.

BI WORLDWIDE experts have drawn out essentials that go into developing an effective Employee Value Proposition framework. By utilizing this framework, HR professionals can go on to revolutionize their organization by re-defining how employees engage and perceive the brand. It's time we replaced age-old employee engagement and loyalty strategies with the new-age ground-breaking EVP strategy to evolve with the industry and stay ahead.

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