Video: Understanding attributes of Gen Z extremely important: Raghav Bahl

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Understanding attributes of Gen Z extremely important: Raghav Bahl

An insightful session on defining attributes of Gen Z at People Matters TechHR 2017 conference.

Raghav Bahl , founder, Quintillion Media stressed the importance of understanding attributes of Gen Z who form an important workforce of the Industry. He explains profoundly how social media impacts and influences Gen Z in a big way.

He said, “Bulk of the workforce in India is under 45 years of age and they have grown under two major influences - social media and digital connectivity. The concept of working in silos is completely smashed today and this change is owed to one single device i.e. mobile connectivity. Today’s Gen Z is no longer passive recipient of commands, initiatives or framework. They actively partake and highly engage themselves. They demand that their voice be heard and tools are available at their command to fulfill their demand. The social media amplifies whatever they want to convey. In the current times, all of us are surrounded by empowering information, which is not just product of one mind but collective power. Today if any subject is buzzing or trending, we instantly get opinions of several eminent experts. Gen Z are used to getting their voice heard. They are habitual of living in increasing free state. So, it is very crucial for organizations and HR to understand Gen Z of the present world and accordingly craft their HR systems around them.”

Watch the complete session to listen to his thoughts.

This session is part of People Matters TechHR 2017. 

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